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Times are tough for everyone, but we know Canadian charities are feeling the pinch more than many others. So we're proud to announce the launch of our Shop Local, Share Local charity affiliate program.

What Is It?

The Shop Local, Share Local program is a special version of our affiliate program, designed to help Canadian charities. It's only available to approved charities, and it pays our affiliate charitable organizations 2% of every sale made on this site using their link. Here's how it works:

  1. If you are a registered Canadian charity who would like to apply, contact us.
  2. Once we verify that you are a bona fide charitable organization, we will create an affiliate account for you.
  3. You can log into the affiliate area and get your link and the special website badge.
  4. Share your link and badge with your network.
  5. We will pay you 2% of all sales that come through your link on this site.


We believe that charity begins at home. So Shop Local, Share Local. Lets help keep Canadian businesses and charities strong while we navigate Covid 19!

Request Access

Charity affiliates are ONLY created manually, and earn more than regular affiliates. If you are a registered charitable organization, please apply here.

Add the Badge

Shop Local Share Local Stamp 250 x 237

Got a website? After you are signed up to the Shop Local, Share Local charity program, go to the affiliate area and copy the code to add the badge to your website.

Every time someone clicks and buys, you will earn money for your charity!