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2 Computers Share 2 Parallel Printers - Automatic Bi-Directional Printer Switch

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CAD22.99 each

Need to share one printer between two computers? Even if you don't have wifi operation available, it's easy with this device! The IEEE 1284 defines a signaling method for Bi-Directional communications between hosts and printers or other peripherals (scanner, ZIP drive, CCD camera, CD-ROM drive, etc.)

Full IEEE 1284 supports all five communication modes - standard parallel, nibble, byte, ECP (extended capabilities port) and EPP (enhanced parallel port). This capability allows the switchbox to function with scanners, ZIP drives and other equipment that need a high transfer rate (e.g. digital CCD camera, external HHD, CD-ROM drive, etc.)


- 2 PCs share 2 parallel devices
- Built-in bi-tronics printer emulation
- Compatible with all Windows software and popular file transfer programs
-Compatible with HP, Lexmark, Canon, Epson and other printers
- Selectable time-out 5, 10, 20, 40 seconds
- First-come/first-served
- Transfer rate: 2000 K bps/second

6 month warranty