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Do you want to make money for nothing? Do you wish you could earn money online without having to spend ages figuring things out, or a lot of money setting something up? How about money for nothing?

Welcome to the affiliate program, where we literally give you money for nothing. Here's what you need to know.

Join Free

There's no cost to be a member of the affiliate program. In fact, if you have a shopper or vendor account on this site, you should already be a member!

Log in to your account, then go to the affiliate menu at the bottom of each page. You should be able to access the My Affiliate Account link there. If not, use the New Affiliate Account link to create a new account.

Share Links and Banners

On your affiliate account dashboard, you will find your unique tracking link on the "My Accounts" tab. You can share this link on any social media channel, in an email or anywhere else you like to earn commissions.

You'll also find banners and ads on the "Marketing Materials" tab. You can copy this html code and paste it on your website or blog, and your link will automatically be included.

There's also a "we're on" badge that you can share on your website if you're a vendor here. You'll also earn commissions on any sales generated from your link - even if they aren't your products!

Earn Commissions

We pay our affiliates 1.5% of every sale that they refer to this site using one of their links.

Links also have a tracking cookie, so it will also take into account any sales made within 30 days of use of the link.

Commissions are paid by PayPal, whenever your affiliate account balance reaches $50 or more by the 25th of the month.

Like Cash Back?

Our affiliate program isn't only for earning money. It can also help you to SAVE money!

If you use your own affiliate link when you purchase items on this site, you'll earn 1.5% cashback on everything you buy!

If you're registered as a shopper, you are already registered for the affiliate program, and you can login and go to the affiliate menu to sign into your account.


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